Prélude 5. Apr 2019

Karim Shehata solo debut album

“Shehata doesn’t shy away from the virtuosic. Every one of the pieces he has chosen demands a metaphorical fire-swallower to play it. His technique is in the superhuman category. This is one of the most musically exciting and intellectually stimulating solo debut albums I believe I’ve ever encountered—a mandatory must, and not just for pianists and pianophiles.” Jerry Dubins – Fanfare


Works for Double Bass and Piano 9. Jan 2017

by Brahms, Bruch, Glière and Koussevitzky

Nabil Shehata, Double Bass
Karim Shehata, Piano

The double bass is so much more than just an orchestral foundation when it is played by Nabil Shehata: the winner of the 2003 ARD Music Competition and professor at the Munich University of Music is one of his instrument’s most renowned virtuosos. But Nabil Shehata is a lot more than that, as he proves in his GENUIN debut release: a full-blooded musician who knows how to best bring out the unique colors and qualities of his instrument – whether in original works by Glière and Koussevitzky or arrangements of cello works by Bruch and Brahms. Both rugged and sweet-sounding, brilliant and down-to-earth – for lovers of distinctive sound!